About us

Our law firm offers an integrated approach to its practice, focusing on individual client based needs at a domestic level or providing international corporate legal solutions.

FPA´s attorneys-at-law and consultants have the expertise and experience to handle an array of legal branches. In-house training and sector partnerships have been established to provide clients with the ultimate legal formulas.


Core Values

At FPA we commit ourselves in a very competent and dedicated fashion to the special needs of our clients.

Our client´s loyalty is our most important asset, therefore we underline the benefits of a conflict of interests management procedure to guarantee the best outcome with the minimum hassle possible.

The scale of our operation has enabled us to follow our client´s requests at very close range. The legal intimacy of our client-law firm relationship is based on reciprocal trust and confidentiality.
At FPA our clients are in good legal hands. One of our mottos  – a client for life.



Please Insert Some Client First.

FPA is extending its international presence and is continuously seeking partnerships with local law practices whenever deemed necessary. Many of its clients are based in Portuguese speaking countries in Africa. In Angola a team of lawyers and consultants is at hand to respond to the most intricate demands.

The attorneys and consultants share the same core values that define FPA. Multi-disciplinary experts converge to lend the most appropriate legal solutions. FPA is also growing in Mozambique, where it expects to have a significant footprint in the near future.


Where are we

Tel.: +351 217 594 003
Fax:  +351 217 594 003
Morada: Rua Augusto Macedo, n.º 10C, Escritório 2,
1600-794 Lisboa



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